The 20700: A Vape Battery For The Future


The 20700: A Vape Battery For The Future

The iJoy Captain mod comes with a new special kind of battery. The iJoy 20700 3000mAh 40A Battery is a new kind of battery that is coming to the vape market. It is a slightly bigger battery than the 18650, but can hold more power safely. 18650 means the battery has dimensions of 18mm x 65mm, so the new 20700 battery has dimensions of 20mm x 70mm. The difference is not that great, but you will need a vape mod and battery charger that can handle them.

The iJoy Captain is a powerful mod capable of 234 watts from just two batteries thanks to these 20700 batteries. Tesla is also switching from 18650s to a similar battery. Laptops, electric motors, and power tools are all switching over. The vape market will switch fully soon too. Being able to get 40amps of power with a great use time of 4000mAh will soon be available for your vape needs.

There are not many devices available for the 20700 batteries yet besides the iJoy Captain mod and a few small batch mech mods, but keep your eyes out because they will be everywhere soon. Mooch has found in his testing:

This 20700A is a true high performance cell that I am rating at a cool-running 30A 3100mAh. It performed well against the top 18650 cells for performance, vaping time, and safety (high amp rating). The 20700A…

…hits as hard as the Sony VTC5A at the start and easily holds its voltage up higher for considerably longer.

…runs about 20% longer than the VTC6 at 20A continuous down to 3.2V.

…runs 5°C cooler than the LG HB6 at 20A continuous and for about 230% longer. Yes, 230%.

We’re excited to see what they come up with next!

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