Coming Soon: E Liquid using Nicotine Salts

What Are Nicotine Salts All About?

Beachside Vapors will soon be rolling out a line of smooth, high nicotine e liquids made with a new source of Nicotine that is stronger and smoother than what you’re used to. Some of our best selling flavors like Bermuda Triangle, and Nectar of the Gods are available already in store. Optimal for 30-60 watts, Nicotine Salts are a great way to get a quick fix, without having to make a ton of clouds. We suggest our Ply Rock Pulse Mod, and the new SMOK Priv V8 Mod for great vaping.


Here’s some more information about the new Nicotine for you:

What are nicotine salts?

First off, they are not actual solid “salts” like table salt we use to add to foods. Rather a nicotine salt is a liquid compound that has been modified from its freebase form to its salt form, in this case, known as its acidic form.

What makes a nicotine salt a “nicotine salt”?

A nicotine salt is formed by the acidification of nicotine from its more basic form into its acidic form.

What is the purpose of nicotine salts?

They wanted to design a product to answer both the growing market for nicotine salts and for those desiring an even smoother vaping experience. What came to fruition was a nicotine salt solution that delivers a vaping experience unlike any other at any marketed nicotine strength.

Are nicotine salts safe?

 All components in the formulation, with the exception of Nicotine, are FEMA/GRAS food grade. Nicotine is USP grade.

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